Terms and conditions of use

Rule 1

You may have noticed when searching for a mattress only, in most of the images, the mattress is displayed on the matching base. This is in fact purely to give you, our client, a visual sense of how your mattress would look on a base and does not include the base when selecting the purchase of a mattress only. It is important to read the descriptor which accompanies the images, to ensure whether you are purchasing the full bed set or just the mattress. The same applies to the images of the bunk beds, which are mostly portrayed with mattresses, but the price is for the bunk bed only. The mattress you can select separately, according to your specific requirements.

Rule 2

We always try our utmost to portray correct and current features, description, price, information, data, benefits and imagery on our website. However, in the unlikely event that you place an order for a product or service, for which any of the information has changed or not yet been updated on our website, we will contact you and advise you of the relevant changes. It will then be your prerogative whether you would then like to proceed with your order. Should it be related to pricing of the product that you have ordered and as a result of human error, we will advise you accordingly and if the price should be higher than listed, you would be liable to pay the correct price of the product. E+OE (Errors and Omissions excluded)

Rule 3

Please keep in mind that our R300 delivery only applies to hub areas as stipulated in our delivery policy. An additional surcharge, depending on the delivery region and selected product, will be added should you find yourself outside of the hub areas. You can read our full delivery policy here.

Rule 4

When buying a product from Mattress Gallery, please ensure what you are purchasing is 100% correct. Many of our pictures have other separately listed products, which aren’t always included in the selected product price. We receive imagery from the suppliers and don't have a hand in the visual designs, which means more often than not, there are accessories, which are not part of the purchase.

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